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What we do

Lead-Well partners with individuals, teams, and organisations to provide evidence-based wellbeing solutions for all leaders.

Practical and proactive strategies informed by data-driven storytelling are at the heart of our mission to help develop resilience, create connection, and cultivate a positive and productive culture in the workplace.

Applying positive psychology and behavioural science, we take complex concepts and put them into practical strategies that allow employees to more effectively look after themselves and those around them.

We offer a range of bespoke workshops and programs to provide your people with the tools to Lead-Well through people first approaches - no matter what role or level of seniority.


Through our emotionally engaging workshops, wellbeing consultancy, tailored coaching and University developed 'Staff Resilience Survey', we aim to develop more resilient organisations that not only navigate current and future challenges, but create behaviour change that allows them to thrive.


Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, our team will work closely with you to best understand your needs before providing practical solution-led support.

Staff Resilience Survey

University-developed diagnostic tool designed to establish an evidence-based plan to improve workplace culture and overall staff wellbeing specific to your organisational needs. To trial the survey or find out more, reach out below.


Either in-person or online, we use the latest in positive psychology and behaviour change research to deliver workshops on individual and team resilience, proactive self-care, mindset, mental fitness, connection, and organisational wellbeing, just to name a few.


Through an evidence-based approach, we provide coaching for individuals and teams, as well as internal coaching development within organisations.

Leadership Development

Individual and team focused leadership development to support the growth of emotionally intelligent leaders who prioritise authenticity and self-awareness.

Culture Change

Iceberg is melting? We work with you and your people to develop practical solutions to effectively lead and manage culture change.

How we help

We help by listening to your needs to best understand the challenge at hand, before co-creating and delivering a suite of tailored options to maximise the positive impact on your people.



Contact us to begin the conversation so we can best understand how we can help. Our team will work with you to identify core issues and opportunities through a range of means, including our University developed ‘Staff Resilience Survey’.



Once we understand your needs, we provide support through co-creating a suite of tailored options designed to have the most impact on your people’s performance and productivity.



Whether it’s through our emotionally engaging workshops, wellbeing consultancy, tailored coaching or University developed diagnostic tool, all of our offerings are delivered to create a positive impact your people, driving productivity and performance.

word on the street

I was fortunate enough to attend a session facilitated by Peter where his calm, engaging and welcoming style created a safe environment for the delegates to openly share experiences. Peter used his personal experiences to talk through the importance of wellbeing and the positive mindset required to overcome adversity - this was well received by those in attendance as his simple techniques allowed him to form connections. 

His story telling brought the challenges to life, allowing for personal reflection with the team. This positive interaction is still one that people in the business reference when discussing resilience.

James D’Souza, Head of Retail Operations

"Having partnered with Peter since early 2020, he has provided a unique insight into engaging, supporting and coaching a largely remote workforce in the Recruitment industry. Peter has become a sounding block for not just the wellbeing of the consultants and leaders in the business, but on a range of other business related topics.

He has incredibly high emotional intelligence, listens with intent and asks brilliant questions - questions that allow you to get to the source of the topic to find a solution. He has been an invaluable asset and I would recommend partnering with Peter, you'll experience value across your organisation that you can not put a price on."

Alex Wilkinson, Global Director

"I’ve worked with Pete within a variety of contexts for multiple years now and have greatly appreciated his continued guidance and support. His ability to dive into the details, understand complex situations, and provide actionable recommendations has significantly contributed to creating a positive and productive team environment. Collaborating with Pete is an investment in your team's wellbeing, and I would highly recommend him for any team lead or people manager. "

Clark Wenborn, Associate Director (Downstream Operations)

"We were lucky enough for our entire team of 35 people leaders to experience multiple workshops facilitated by Peter. The feedback from our team was extremely positive. The presenter created a psychological safe space for conversation through a curious, calm and authentic approach and really made everything very pertinent to our workplace environment.

The team were able to apply evidence-based wellbeing strategies to help both themselves and the teams they led. Following the sessions, we noticed a positive shift towards an improved culture of wellbeing across the organisation and believe that the way the content was delivered in a relatable and relevant way created the biggest impact for our staff."

Mikala Hehir, General Manager (Customer & Community)

"Peter’s facilitation skills rank amongst the finest that I have encountered over my 15 years’ experience in senior leadership roles across the private and higher education sectors, including running professional and personal development programs for one of Australia’s top universities . His preparation and delivery are unparalleled – considered, interactive, reflective and participative.

Peter engages with the content and the participants equally and seamlessly, ensuring that evidence-based content is accessible, understood and applied. His workshops feel effortless, yet always on track – a testament to his ability to gently lead from the wings, linking participants’ comments, questions and lived experiences back to the core of the activity at hand. Cannot recommend more highly."

Jacob Workman, General Manager (Real Estate)

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